#3 Ep3 Britt Box (Whyatt)

This Episode we talk Britt Whyatt

Britt Whyatt (aka She who bakes) born in Canada and raised in Maidstone in Kent.

She is an award winning baking blogger, an ingenious recipe developer, an author, presenter, sugar craft and baking tutor, and she is also an international speaker and a mental health ambassador.

Britt found her passion for baking after a string of family tragedies and after recovering from blood poisoning.

She picked up her first packet of ready mix cake to bake her first cake for a charity bake event and she immediately fell in love with baking and turned her passion into her mission.

Her story is one of real inspiration, awe and passion, and what Britt has combatted and faced in her life is nothing short of devastation.

With the help of her baking Britt has been able to reach millions of people all around the world and she has herself been able to get rid of the anti depressants through her love of baking.

Her wonderful partner Tim Box, who is a master of Hypnosis is a fantastic person and they make the best duo.

Britt is WELL on her way to world domination within the baking world!


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